Hotsprings Ho! So begins a summer of vandwelling, camping, volunteering and meditation.

Today’s the big day.

I’ll be back home in four months (before leaving for another four months). Somehow, within two weeks, I decided to get a vehicle, acquired a vehicle, converted it to a mobile bedroom, finished up the semester and got my proverbial together for a quest. Yay!

Luna is in pretty good shape, and seems pretty happy to have a name now. She is fully packed and ready to go!

Luna all packed up. Ski box was a saving grace!

Luna all packed up. Ski box was a saving grace!

Naturally, order and cleanliness only degrade from this point.

Naturally, order and cleanliness only degrade from this point.

This trip would be a lot different without the ski box. I have all my camping stuff up there and some extra blankets (in case a spontaneous picnic or craft session erupts). I even had room for my trust walking stick.

You might notice the corner of a djembe in one of these pictures. That will be a bit clunky as it doesn’t really slot into place anywhere, but I figure it’s a small price to pay for having percussive awesomeness available on demand. The didgeridoo slides right behind the seats. I am going to try to learn to play them both at the same time during the summer at some point. I just need to dream up some sort of stand for hands-free didg’ playing.

The kitchen and library combo.

The kitchen and library combo.

I am also totally aware that practicality, use and experience will change the layout of everything over the course of the summer. Perhaps the books will be impractical here and might need to go under the bed. It sure looks cute right now though. I can say I have a library on board! — In addition to the apothecary and esoteric item exhibit, of course. Quite an interesting rig, this one.

Hopefully the last repair Luna needs for the summer:





Remember the mission statement here, folks: “Cheap, and in a hurry“. Pretty much anything done with duct tape suits my purposes. Just you wait – I’ll bet it’s still in one piece in September.

So, I’m off! Driving the Trans-Canada into BC for a week of healing hot springs adventures.

I will not be blogging for this week. (I would, of course, not recommend anyone touches an electronic device while taking in the healing waters.) No big deal – I’m sure my massive hoards of followers can survive the electronic silence as they eagerly anticipate hearing from me. Never fear, non-existent fan base! I’ll be updating with some pictures before leaving for phase two: Volunteering at a Tibetan Buddhist retreat center for three weeks of Karma Yoga.

Lots of love from the Silly Sadhaka 🙂

Be in Peace!


8 thoughts on “Hotsprings Ho! So begins a summer of vandwelling, camping, volunteering and meditation.

  1. Nancy Voort Metz

    you know.. they are still looking for volunteers on the manitoba earthship this summer, stage three, you camp and eat on site.. vegan vegeterian.. and beer. water hole for bathing available.

    1. sillysadhaka Post author

      That sounds amazing Nancy! We were just discussing earthships with a man in the hot springs a couple days ago. I hope to one day help build one! Not this summer, though – everything is planned out until 2014 🙂

  2. Amanda O'Connor

    Thank you! I just found your conversion and I’m feeling a lot better about the lack of space (after adding a bed) that I have in my 2016 Transit (the minivan wagon type, not the huge cargo Transit) I was getting nervous but your conversion has relaxed me a bit.


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