Monthly Archives: September 2013

Conclusion: Blogging takes up time I’d rather spend elsewhere.

Howdy from Arizona!

Long time, no see. Instead of the cliche wordpress blog apology, I’d like to share something: I have no regrets. Life is being lived, fully. Be assured that the adventure started in this blog is still continuing, vandwelling and all, and that things have been completely mindblowing during the summer and still now as we enter the fall.

The stoppage of this blog coincided, non-coincidentally, with a return to journalling on my part. Now, learning to mountain bike, learning the banjo, journalling, reading, working my practicum, and finding time for meditation and spiritual practices… the blog was lowest priority.

Huge kudos to all of those people who maintain their blogs under the heavy pressures of life. Some of us have it, some don’t. Peace out!