Conclusion: Blogging takes up time I’d rather spend elsewhere.

Howdy from Arizona!

Long time, no see. Instead of the cliche wordpress blog apology, I’d like to share something: I have no regrets. Life is being lived, fully. Be assured that the adventure started in this blog is still continuing, vandwelling and all, and that things have been completely mindblowing during the summer and still now as we enter the fall.

The stoppage of this blog coincided, non-coincidentally, with a return to journalling on my part. Now, learning to mountain bike, learning the banjo, journalling, reading, working my practicum, and finding time for meditation and spiritual practices… the blog was lowest priority.

Huge kudos to all of those people who maintain their blogs under the heavy pressures of life. Some of us have it, some don’t. Peace out!


One thought on “Conclusion: Blogging takes up time I’d rather spend elsewhere.

  1. Ruth Ruddock

    Oh darn, I have just discovered your blog…and hoped to be able to email with you. I will enjoy looking over the past months’s entries though, and certainly wishing you well. I am nearly 70, a widow, and except for my sister’s guest room, I am without home. I have a 2003 Ford Windstar that I just purchased this summer…it has a big engine so that I can pull a trailer, as long as it is under 2000 lbs., but I am discovering the gas-woes of keeping it on the road! Your blog has inspired me to think about making it into an RV for one to take a trip in, with the idea that travel would be fun and helpful in figuring out where I want to live. I have one major issue with health, that will affect me wherever I go. I am one of the growing numbers of Electrosensitive people who are adversely affected by WiFi, cell phone towers, portable phones, laptops, ipads, ipods, etc. You may not have heard about this issue yet, but you will in the future without a doubt, as the craving for more technology devices of this kind increase….and nobody loves the computer or cell phone like I do (did), but eventually it made me sick. But back to the good part…I love travel, and have lived in small spaces before when my husband and I traveled/volunteered while living in a 28 foot motor home. It was a great life! The thing that concerns me now is that I would not have my computer (PC) with me and I will not be getting a lap top computer…I have to use the cell phone (an old Trac Fone with no bells and whistles) very sparingly but it would be essential to keep in touch with family as needed. I am not completely sure that traveling and living in my van is the thing I should/can do, but your blog has caused me to entertain the idea. At this point I am looking at small trailers, and tear drop styles are appealing to me…but using the van instead has appeal, also…especially since I see that you have done it successfully! Wondering what your living arrangement is like in Arizona…will you stay in the van or seek something more substantial? I hope that you will get this message and reply to it. One of the things that causes me to really think about this, and perhaps a bit scarey, is that women traveling and camping alone can be dangerous. Unlike you, I do not have a partner to share this potential adventure. Indeed, if I did, I would already be on the road! ha Thanks, Ruth in Wisconsin


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