Who is the Silly Sadhaka?

[A sadhaka is one who practices sadhana. Sadhana is meditation. A more direct translation from Sanskrit will define sadhana simply as “effort”. There is much to be learned from this etymology.]

The word sadhaka brings to mind Yogic Sannyasi (renunciates) spendings years of solitude sitting in Himalayan caves. For me, this implies a certain seriousness of concentrated effort and discipline. But life need not be so serious! I have been blessed with a life full of much joy and laughter, and I believe that a light-hearted and fun-filled approach to human existence can be useful all the way until complete enlightenment. Thus I find myself split between the rigorous disciplines of the ancient yogis one on side, and the boisterous play of festivals, concerts and sports on the other. These days, it seems my dharma is to toe this line.

I am fairly obsessed with spiritual community and find myself actively seeking out sattvic (pure & subtle) environments for spiritual practice. I am quite sensitive to the energies of those around me, and I’m also quite gullible and a people-pleaser, which often leaves me off-center and tossed around by my social environment.

I am in the final stretch of a bachelor’s degree, thus creeping closer to one of those important “real life” goals that will validate me in the eyes of society. Woot woot! It’s been quite the journey so far, having been interrupted by 2 changes of major and one year-long drop out. It’s just… there’s so much genuine learning and experience offered by those around us, and the Earth itself, that it can be hard to commit to academics. I help to run my university’s Yoga Club and also teach professionally at our fitness center. I attempt to organize and facilitate group meditations, with inconsistent results.

When it comes down to it, I just want to help others integrate yogic lifestyle practices into their lives.

Other than sadhana and yoga asanas, I enjoy rock climbing and bouldering, downhill skiing, slacklining, electronic music and outdoor festivals, drums, djembe, didgeridoo and reading.


4 thoughts on “Who is the Silly Sadhaka?

  1. Whoever

    I have just read this, and it reminded me of you:

    “Prophets are those who, because they have arrived at their own self-knowledge and a larger knowledge of being, find themselves perfectly aligned with the Divine will to the extent that they wish nothing else but the fulfillment of Divine laws. They give themselves so fully to the prophetic truth revealed by faith that they may draw a whole people to their destiny.
    …[he is] a master of a people, committed to accomplish a goal consistent with his community and the Divine order. He is an artisan of Divine will in the material, temporal, and human realities. The master can give himself the space for a serene and controlled personality, while a prophet, because he or she is the guardian of God’s words, needs at times to denounce the resistance and rebelliousness of those oblivious or resistant to spiritual realization.”
    -Religion of Ayahuasca, Polari de Alverga

  2. Joel

    Hey, I had a great time reading your website. Do you have an email address that I can contact you on? Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.


    JHouston791 gmail.com


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